Vendor Requirements/Rules

a. A new shop must have at least ten items listed, a shop banner, a shop avatar, and a vendor biography in place before it will be published.

b. Listings may be unpublished for those shops that have no listing activity for one month.

c. A shop that has a sale and does not contact the buyer or ship the item may have selling privileges revoked on 21 Vintage Street.

d. Vendor will establish his/her own return policy. If returns are accepted for a refund, vendor will be responsible for refunding the amount set forth in shop’s return policy. The only exception to this policy is if an item arrives damaged and the damage was not disclosed in the listing or is misrepresented, in which case, the shop must provide a refund after receiving the item back. 

e. A vendor who receives three  customer complaints and/or cases per calendar quarter will be removed from the site, at the site’s discretion.

f. A vendor may not copy another vendor’s listing or images without written permission from that vendor. Doing so will result in the immediate removal of the offending vendor, at the site’s discretion.

g. There may be no references to other selling venues in your listings, images, or vendor biography.

h.  If a case is opened against a vendor by a customer with either Paypal or Stripe and the case is decided against the vendor, the vendor will be responsible for any additional fees changed by Paypal or Stripe (most likely $20).  Failure to immediately remit such fees will cause the shop to be removed from 21 Vintage Street, at the site’s discretion.

i.  Refunds to buyers must be paid directly to the buyer by the vendor.

j. Items should be at least twenty years old to be considered vintage.  Items should be at least 100 years old to be considered antique.

k.  The following items may not be sold on 21 Vintage Street: firearms, ammunition, pornography, ivory, tortoise-shell, any illegal item, any memorabilia or collectible that promotes hate or ridicule; any item that is not at least 20 years old.

l.  Items that have been re-purposed or assembled, even if made with vintage components. 

21 Vintage Street reserves the right to remove any item without notice if it is deemed inappropriate for our family-friendly, human-friendly site.

Refer to Terms of Service for complete requirements/rules.

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