Apr 25th Announcements

>> This week’s featured shop is We Love Vintage Jewelry.

>> Please share today’s newsletter. There are share buttons at the bottom.

>> If you haven’t sent me your email list, please do so as soon as possible. Email marketing is the most effective tool we have!

>> I added ‘How to Get Featured in the Newsletter’ under the Seller’s Info menu.

>> Nancy Haun (Mimi’s Jewelry Boutique) has sent emails to shop owners listing the upcoming newsletter topics and requesting submissions.

>> If you want to submit an item for inclusion in the newsletter, send me the product link as well as product links from two different shops that fit the newsletter theme.

>> Please check your listings for the word: Etsy. Search the word on the site and see if any of your listings show up. If so, please remove the reference. I will check again in a few days and deactivate those listings that still reference Etsy.

>> Please check your quantities. You must enable ‘Manage Inventory’, make sure ‘In Stock’ is selected, and enter quantity of 1. I’m finding more listings with zero quantity.

>> Some earlier products are showing ‘Backorders Allowed’. I think that is a problem on my end and I am working on it. It doesn’t affect the ability for your item to sell and Manage Inventory feature will still work.

>> We had a big dip in sales in the last two weeks of March but they came back up beginning April and remain consistent. We are experiencing steady growth in sales.

Hope you are all staying home, safe, and healthy!


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