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Oodles of Bling offers vintage jewelry that is both collectible and wearable including: vintage earrings, vintage necklaces, vintage brooches and more. We offer gorgeous jewelry with rhinestones, designer names, sterling silver and collectible costume jewelry. It’s all about the Bling in your heart! I began selling online in 2010. I sold a few things here and there and bought a few things, too. Suddenly, I found myself with close to 2,000 pieces of jewelry! And I knew if I was going to buy more I’d have to sell some of it. That’s when I got serious about selling and focused on developing my store.I have so much fun and have met some really great people across the globe. I’m pretty laid back and I cherish every moment of every day. I try to reflect that in my shop policies and the way I interact with my customers. Rhinestones are enticing and I’ll be the first in line to buy them, but the best bling is the kindness in a person’s heart. It shines through in a smile or the eyes. Kind of corny, but I really believe it.So that’s my condensed story. Have fun shopping in my store and if I can answer any questions or you just want to chat about jewelry in general, send me a convo! I love to make new friends on 21 Vintage Street! <3 My best,Nicki

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