We are so glad you have joined us on 21 Vintage Street, the new marketplace for Everything Vintage!

Some advice before you get started

Take a deep breath and remember that we are still operating in beta mode. The site is mostly glitch-free but now and then you may stumble across a problem. If you do, send an email to: admin@21vintagestreet.com.  Don’t expect this site to operate just like Etsy or Ebay or Ruby Lane or any other site. It doesn’t and it never will because it is better than any of those sites! This is our spot on the internet where we can share our vintage items with like-minded sellers and shoppers.  

Tips & Tricks


The best advice I can give you is: read the guides before you get started. They can be found here.   Aslo read the FAQ.

Join the EMarketing Group

The E-Marketing Group is a promotional group. Its members are experienced businessmen and businesswomen who are supportive, hard-working and committed.  They can help you navigate 21 Vintage Street and get your shop front and center on the internet.  If interested, please contact Gayla from The Jewel Seeker for more information.

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