What is 21 Vintage Street?

21 Vintage Street is a new and evolving multi-shop e-commerce site for shoppers and sellers of vintage goods.

Who founded 21 Vintage Street?

Nicki Harris, an experienced seller of vintage goods and an avid collector. The business is owned by Childress-Harris, Inc. dba 21 Vintage Street.

How do I register as a seller on 21 Vintage Street?

Why am I not receiving emails from 21 Vintage Street?

Follow the steps in the How to Register as a Vendor guide.

Some email providers are not accepting our emails for reasons known only to them. Hotmail and Outlook are a few. It you are not receiving our emails, please open a Gmail account.

Are sellers outside the USA welcome on 21 Vintage Street?

Mais oui bien sur! Pero si claro! But, yes, of course!

Can I have my products imported from another venue?

When you join 21 Vintage Street you can have your products imported from another site by sending them to us in csv-format file. We can then import the products to draft status on 21 Vintage Street.

What will it cost me to sell on 21 Vintage Street?

What are the requirements for opening and maintaining a shop on 21 Vintage Street?

There is a monthly seller fee of $9.99. There is an approximate 7% commission on sales. The fees are as follows:

21 Vintage Street: 7% of the sale amount (excludes shipping)

Stripe: 2.9% plus .30 per order 

Paypal: 2.9% plus .30 per order plus up to 1.00 transaction fee depending on final value

Fees are subject to change with 30 days notice to sellers.

A new shop must have at least ten items listed before it will be included on the Shops page. Published shops should be committed to keeping fresh and new listings consistently. 

A shop must have a Stripe account.

A shop that has a sale and does not contact the buyer or ship the item will have selling privileges revoked on 21 Vintage Street. Listing products and not fulfilling orders is an unacceptable business practice unless the buyer is notified and the sale canceled. 

What about advertising?

We will advertise 21 Vintage Street to drive traffic to the site for the benefit of all. You should advertise your own shop.  It takes a village, right?!

How will I receive my sales and shipping monies?

You will receive your payment in your Stripe account upon the sale. You will receive your bank deposit from Stripe according to the schedule you set up and their rules.

What about sales tax?

21 Vintage Street will collect and remit sales tax in those states where economic nexus is met.

How will returns be handled?

You will establish your own return policy. If you accept returns for a refund, you will be responsible for refunding the amount set forth in your return policy. The only exception to this site policy is if an item arrives damaged and the damage was not disclosed in the listing or is misrepresented, in which case, the shop must provide a refund after receiving the item back.  21 Vintage Street will refund 7% of the amount you agree to refund and you will refund 93%.  

What about shipping?

You will ship your own items. You can offer your customers free shipping or a live rate as shown on the check out page and based on the weight you provide. You can use your own shipping service to generate your labels. PirateShip and Stamps.com are both easy to use.

Am I a good fit for your site?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you willing to offer your customers fantastic customer service? Are you willing to promote your own shop? Are you hardworking? If you answered YES to these questions then you are great fit!

Can I make reference to my Etsy, Ebay or other off-site shop?

Well, no. Our goal is to keep shoppers shopping at 21 Vintage Street so please, no references to other selling venues in your listings, images, or vendor biography. 

What age 21 Vintage Street consider as vintage?

Items should be at least twenty years old to be considered vintage.  Items should be at least 100 years old to be considered antique.

Are there any items not allowed on 21 Vintage Street?

The following items may not be sold on 21 Vintage Street: firearms, ammunition, pornography, ivory, tortoise-shell, any illegal item, any memorabilia or collectible that promotes hate or ridicule; any item that is not at least 20 years old. Items that have been re-purposed or assembled, even if made with vintage components.  21 Vintage Street reserves the right to remove any item without notice if it is deemed inappropriate for our family-friendly, human-friendly site.

How can I contact you if have more questions?

Send us an email: admin@21vintagestreet.com and we will answer within twenty-four hours.

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